dox42 NAV Document Creator (english)

dox42 NAV Document Creator (english)
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dox42 NAV Document Creator (english)

Create wonderful documents for Microsoft Dynamics NAV directly in Microsoft Office. With the dox42 Office Add-Ins you can use Microsoft Word, PowerPoint and Excel for intuitive and smooth document design by directly accessing data from Microsoft Dynamics NAV and many other data sources like SQL, Excel, SharePoint, Office 365 as well as other ERP systems. With dox42 NAV Document Creator you can easily use NAV-data from table data, NAV-Report-Datasets, page/query-OData and SQL  and integrate it directly in different Microsoft Office product like Word, Excel, and PowerPoint – to create stunning presentations and catalogues for prospects, personalized sales documents, vouchers, tickets and many more…

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dox42 NAV Document Creator – Intuitive design of documents directly in Microsoft Office

The design of reports and documents in Microsoft Dynamics NAV (Navision) can be time-consuming and nerve-wrecking – particularly in cases where further external data sources like SQL data bases, images or existing documents should be integrated. The dox42 NAV Document Creator adresses this problem by allowing to generate impressive documents with various data sources.

Use case scenarios:

dox42 NAV Document Creator is a powerful tool to easily and intuitivly create various documents and reports like

  • Visually attractive sales documents
  • Product and mail order catalogues and fact sheets
  • PowerPoint turnover reports for sales employees/articles
  • Customer communication (tickets, vouchers, coupons)
  • Barcode integration (1-D, 2-D) for documents and labels
  • Quality assurance forms and checklists
  • Presentation of live data and indicators on info screens


  • Easy design of documents directly in Microsoft Office
  • Fully integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Use of data directly out of NAV tables, pages, and reports
  • Accessing data from numerous further external sources
  • Free selection of the output format (PDF, Word, image, etc.)
  • Automated creation and distribution of documents



Gerd Schertel


T: 0921/595-0

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dox42 NAV Document Creаtor

Create wonderful documents for Dynamics NAV designed in Microsoft Office.

Document design

  • Fast and intuitive document design in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Drag-and-drop functionality to integrate data fields directly in document templates
  • Use of all the design possibilities of Microsoft Office for reports and documents
  • Embedding of existing documents or attachments of different formats like PDF, Word, graphics and images in new documents
  • Interaction with the user by options dialogs before the generation of reports and documents
  • Integration of 1-D and 2-D barcode types

Dynamics NAV module

  • Direct access to Dynamics NAV data in Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel
  • Support of NAV special features like Field Captions, Option Captions, BLOB Fields, and FlowFields
  • Adaption of the security concept of NAV with Permission Sets
  • Data recall in multitenancy environments
  • Support of NAV companies
  • Comfortable controls for print output

Integration of external data sources

  • Various possibilities of combining any number of different data sources in one document
  • Supported data sources: SQL, SharePoint, Office 365, XML, Excel, ODATA, web services, and many more
  • Integration of other ERP data sources like SAP, Dynamics AX, Dynamics CRM (different add-on modules)
  • Integration of user-defined data sources (individual development)

SharePoint/Office 365 integration

  • Integration of data from SharePoint lists and document libraries in new documents
  • Upload of generated documents directly in SharePoint document libraries
  • Office 365-ready
  • Integration of dox42 actions with NINTEX workflow (by add-on module)

Output options

  • Flexible definition of the documents’ output format: PDF, PDF/A, Word, PowerPoint, Excel, TXT, different graphic files, XML, HTML, etc.
  • Output via printer and distribution via email
  • Storage in file systems and SharePoint/Office 365 document libraries
  • Integration of DocuSign for digital signatures (add-on module)


  • Fully automated document creation via dox42 Server
  • Generation of documents also outside of the Dynamics NAV client within the dox42 web-frontend (requires dox42 LIVE) – also for smartphones and tablets

System requirements for dox42 Office Add-In

  • Dynamics NAV 2009 R2 RTC or higher for basic data source
  • Dynamics NAV 2015 or higher for NAV Report-data source
  • Microsoft Office 2010 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6.2

System requirements for dox42 Server

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 or higher
  • Microsoft .NET 4.6.2