365Performance Essentials for Dynamics 365 Business Central

365Performance Essentials for Dynamics 365 Business Central
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365Performance Essentials for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Optimize your work with Dynamics 365 Business Central and our 365Performance Tools. With 365Performance Essentials you get various enhancements for optimized user experience with the ERP software to have the most convenient usage.

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New way of doing ERP with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Small and mediumsized businesses break new grounds with the functions and features of Dynamics 365 Business Central. The cloud-based ERP software provides added value through

  • being constantly up to date
  • offering flexible extensions for any use case with a broad portfolio on business apps (e.g. on Microsoft AppSource)
  • giving the possibility to create your individually optimal ERP solution

Getting started with Dynamics 365 BC and the 365Performance Essentials Extension

With 365Performance Essentials we offer an extensions which enables you to have a quick start into the most productive way of working with Dynamics 365 Business Central. There are certain improvements which make the standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central usable especially for the requirements of SMBs.

365Performance Essentials allows you to integrate relevant information on contacts and items just where you need them – e.g. when generating quotes. Furthermore, the extensions offers the possibility to integrate comments on contacts, items, even on documents whereever helpful.



  • Comments on documents, customers, etc integrable as factboxes on every page
  • Integration of the description 2 field for further information on contacts, items/articles etc.



Gerd Schertel

E: info@bsh-ag.de

T: 0921/595-0

Ready-to-Go with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Performance Essentials for a Quick Start

Function and features overview of 365Performance Essentials for Dynamics 365 Business Central

Comments on customers, contacts, documents etc. integrable as factboxes on every page

The integration of the comments factbox for master data and documents gives you the possibility to display important information at first glance without further clicking needed.

  • Show additional comments on items and articles to provide your sales Team with all relevant information
  • Display notes on contacts or customers wherever needed to optimize communication among the lifecycle
    • Notes on customer specific discounts
    • Remarks of pecularities
  • Integrate comments on customers on the pages of sales documents
  • Show remarks on vendors on the pages of purchase documents


Integration of the DESCRIPTION 2 fields for further specification on master data

With 365Performance Essentials you get the description 2 field integrated in item cards, contact cards etc. for further specifications on master data like contacts, customers, items and articles, ressources etc.

  • With the description 2 field you get more space to specify items and articles, especially to display longer names
  • The description 2 field can be printed in documents
  • In documents, the description 2 field is printed in a new line and therefore enables a nicer look in documents
  • Description 2 field is searchable like any other field in Dynamics 365 Business Central
  • With the integration of this field in master data and documents you have a lot of possibilites for the naming of items and articles, resources etc.



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